Don’t do this to yourself (reminder to self)

Most of us try to be polite with others, we are careful not to offend and disrespect the integrity of our fellow-men, we even sometimes do extraordinary things to help and protect other people and animals in need.

All that is wonderful and praiseworthy I am all for it! There is nothing better than helping others and do our best for the planet and all her inhabitants.

But despite all your efforts and good deeds towards the rest of the Universe you are short to comply with your main duty: taking care of yourself.

You might be very respectful with others but your lack of respect towards yourself is sometimes amazing.

You know drinking and smoking is very bad for your body, nevertheless you keep doing it, you keep procrastinating going for your annual check-up, what happened with your good intentions of walking more instead of driving or taking the public transport? You keep reading and viewing bad news and tragedies instead of cultivating your wisdom. You keep eating junk food and never take time to read the ingredients of anything you get into your organism.

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