I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the face of a teenager girl who was in a table right in front of me at a restaurant yesterday.

Her mother was trying to explain to her the right way to use the fork and knife (I bet for the hundredth time), but the girl kept only rolling up her eyes and looking everywhere embarrassed someone was noticing her being tutored in pubic.

Of course her mother was not concerned about external listeners but to the girl was really humiliating.  And I must confess that it was a little amusing to me.

Not because I was having fun with the girl’s suffering but, because I was sure her mother had tried a thousand times to tell her how to do it properly at home and the girl just never paid attention to her, now she was paying for that lack of interest at the right time.

I could see myself at her age having the same attitude with my mother and years later being on the other side with my daughters, but even now I am not exempt of guilt.

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