We can find different opinions about strikes and social movements nowadays.

One day you are driving trying to avoid the usual and terrible transit typical of big cities when suddenly you take a turn and find a street blocked by a group of workers who are demanding a solution to their problems.  Then you are forced to change your route and so is everyone else on the street, therefore the transit issues are immediately amplified altering our activities in more ways than one.

Instead of feeling empathic with them, we feel the victims of a terrible aggression, now we don’t care about their problems, we are not guilty for them, so why on God’s green earth are they affecting me now?

On the other side they would tell you it is the only way they have to attract the attention of the authorities so their requests are listen to.  Otherwise if they don’t put any kind of pressure their situation won’t change any time soon.

If you choose to observe this situation from the outside you will see that both sides are right.  Both sides are affected and both sides want their needs solved.

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