I was listening to the conversation of two boys who walked right in front of me. They were talking about how horrible getting up early is and how they hated having to walk to school every morning.

They were complaining how hard to leave their bed was and then walk for a long while in a cold morning.

I was interested to see how the conversation ended so I rushed my steps to catch up with them, (yes being nosey is one way for me to learn a lot).

It surprised me how the direction of the conversation changed when they began to talk about how they felt the cold weather in the morning made them feel more alive and, in “some way they didn’t understand”, they felt more alive after the walk.

Even more surprising was listen to them making plans to go and do some jogging next morning at 6 AM! Some way they were able to perceive the benefits of early rising and exercise for their bodies.

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2 thoughts on “Move!

  1. I understand your words.I work out at my gym 3-4-times a week and some days it’s really difficult to get going but I do and at the end of my lifting and treadmill workout I feel much better and have a feeling of self accomplishment!I sense my body likes it also!

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