Make them smile

I knew she had gone through a real hell, to say the least. She had to suffer big losses and in some way anything I could say wouldn’t help her to get over all that.

When a person is really suffering there is no much you can say to them.  They need to go through their mourn cycle and then time will help them heal some wounds. Not completely but they will smile again.  And most times that is something you can try.

I had no words to say to her, she had lost her life partner of 40 years and if you just say the typical “My condolences”, “I am sorry for your lost” or anything like that, you might feel you sound a little “empty”. I cannot describe the feeling.

So the only thing I could do in this situation is using what I had.  And all I had was my memories of her husband.  There were so many great memories in my mind and heart (is there a division there?) I began to tell her all the great moments I had lived with him and remind her all the fantastic moments we had shared, the three of us.

When we began to go through those moments, her face lighted up and her eyes sparkled for a while.

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