Too small

“What was the point of it?  Everybody come here to dump their rubbish and I just have to spend hours cleaning this place. I have tried to put ads everywhere and I cannot make them see the importance of keeping this place clean and free of filth and rats. “

That’s what a neighbour used to repeat every day a few years ago. He cleaned every day an abandoned corner lot near his house. People usually dumped bags with rubbish at night and he cleaned it every morning, he was fed up with it.

He thought it would be a wonderful idea if people began to “adopt” a little piece of the city to keep it clean, that way the whole city would have clean spaces instead of abandoned lots incubating millions of microbes and dangerous bacteria.

The problem was nobody listened to him and he felt his efforts were in vain. He was just one person and he felt he was not good enough to make something about it. So he kept doing the only thing he could do at that moment: keeping his little corner clean as much as he could.

He tried to ask help from family and friends but, nobody saw any profit in cleaning a small abandoned corner. After all nobody would notice such hard work.

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