Your balance

There is nothing more annoying when sitting at a table to eat or drink something than, finding a “dancing table”. When the table is not well balanced and you have to ask the waiter or even yourself to put something under a leg in order to level the table so you don’t have to keep “pulling” your side of the table up to keep your soup from spilling all the time.

Well I don’t know if you have experienced that, but I have lived that many times in all kind of restaurants, expensive and cheap ones. And believe me struggling with chairs and tables is not really a great way to begin a meal.

But everything in this universe needs balance to subsist and prosper.

And I wonder, how can I get so grumpy about an unbalanced table and immediately do something to balance it properly, when I have so many “unbalanced legs in the table of my life”.

I hope I am not getting used to them.  Sometimes we put all our attention on one single aspect of our life and the others are unattended, “on their own.”

I still find very difficult to let go the need of control on many areas. Obsessiveness is a hard habit to drop. And the obsession of being the leader of your own ship is a dangerous game when you are lacking attention on keeping the balance of your own table (Life).

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