I grew up hearing “if you want things well done, do them yourself”.  Usually when you do team work it is very difficult to get the results you would have expected, if you had done the whole work alone.

We all have different gifts, abilities, knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm and interests, so to gather a team where every person will deliver their best to achieve certain result is a very difficult task.

And let’s face it, we live in a time where we need to achieve more in less time, so we cannot do all the job ourselves.  We need to learn to delegate responsibilities and do our part in the best way we can.

That applies not only for a job, but to everything in our life. We are here to co-create this reality and help the Universe to experience, through us, all emotions and feelings existent.

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2 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. That is an EXCELLENT blog (maybe I should say tutorial).I have an example you may appreciate:many years ago I was called for jury duty which I did attend-on two different cases with two different juries.The first jury worked quite well with sharing of thoughts and feelings toward what we had heard in court which enabled us to come to a verdict.The second jury-well, after re-reading your words I remember being on the threshold of telling the foreman to f*** off and leaving but you can’t do that! My point is this: anybody faced with a juries decision had better hope for unity and cooperation by the jurors or you are going down! Sustained!

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  2. Wow! Thank you for your example and your comment! Indeed that is a very good lesson! thank you for sharing it, I loved it!!


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