I was beginning to feel worried, two of my friends were talking about different experiences with rejection and how awful they felt afterwards.  They were totally devastated.

Of course I have faced rejection many times and it made me feel like dying and almost ended with many projects I once had. But the reason I was feeling a little worried was that now I really don’t care very much about rejection itself.

When I write something I write for myself, I am not really expecting to reach many readers or sell many books. Of course, when that happens I feel very happy, but when it doesn’t I feel very happy as well. I wrote something that made me feel good and if I share it and other person feels good too, then that is a great bonus!  But not my main goal.

When I meet other people I like to enjoy the experience of knowing about their experiences, ideas and concepts.  I like to see how they live their lives and I respect and admire the different ways people live them.  But if they don’t agree with my points of view, my ideology, ideas and/or concepts, that won’t keep me from sleeping at night either.

I know that sounds like very selfish and probably anti-social for many people, but the truth is, when I left my worries for fitting in the crowds, I gained a lot of freedom. Yes, I know I don’t live alone in a mountain, but I am living more for myself than to please others.

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8 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. You and I seem to think alike and it’s a nice thing to share thoughts and feelings with another person.As soon as I read your words,it reminded me of a thought that came to me at lunch while munching on potatoe skins.This is what came to me”The stop signs of creative writing”which will be the title of a new blog I’m going to write.If you concentrate on money or being accepted,there is no point in writing anything at all.Write from the heart and in doing so you will accept yourself.

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