I was reading about a study from Harvard University where they describe the importance of being focused on the present moment for improving our happiness.

We are always encouraged to let our mind wander in order to improve our creativity. There is nothing most wonderful than day dreaming and let our thoughts flow.  But according to this study, the more our mind wanders away from the present moment, the unhappier we become.

Meditation seems to increase the activity in the prefrontal cortex in our brain, therefore improving our attention and, it is exactly attention and mindfulness what help us to get happier. Happiness and faith are like flowers that need to be watered every day.

When our mind wanders our thoughts become uncontrolled and unfocused so our mood becomes unstable as well.

When I used to wake up in the middle of the night and instead of getting up and walk for a while until getting sleepy once more, I used to stay in bed and let my mind wander a bit. Then the mind played tricks on me and began to drift away to the dark side of things, things looked not so good anymore and I was an easy prey for negativity.

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One thought on “Pondering

  1. ….But according to this study….These words are from the second paragraph of your essay-I like to call it that-and it brings a thought to my mind as many things often do. Happiness does not come from any study and further more, if you study and survey people that are indeed happy,what would you think they would say If you study and survey people that are unhappy again,what would you think they would say.What I am trying to say is stay within yourself and care for yourself, there you will find happiness regardless of what any survey might say.Harvard,you might want to try focusing on something else other than what you consider worthy of studying.

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