Just breath

Action is what creates our reality in this universe.  We need start “doing” in order to create, exist and advance. Passiveness is one of the most dangerous things in the path to our enlightenment.  Nevertheless, remember that we live in a balanced reality and we cannot keep always on the same side of the balance, we need to keep moving from one side to the other without falling into either extreme. That is the dance with the Universe.

So acting, worrying, thinking, obsessing, hurrying, answering and all the other proactive actions are not always the best answer to your actual situation.

We have been taught that we need to take immediate action so we can take profit of the moment and achieve our goals, but believe it or not, many times the best course of action is resting, waiting and taking a deep breath.

We are living in a very fast rhythm and if we don’t follow the rest of the crowd we feel like “left out”.  We need to “catch up” with the rest. So we don’t give ourselves time to take a rest from time to time.  And most times that will take us to a big fall.

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3 thoughts on “Just breath

  1. I feel the need to make a personal confession here-first I have a great deal of respect and admiration for all of your creations-second I am an alcoholic and,just as you have written,it was the voices in my heart and soul that led me to sobriety,I just could not deny it. Thank you for reminding me that I did the right thing.Let’s both carry on.

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  2. Thank you Scott, I am so glad that you opened your heart here! I have a lot of respect for someone who has accomplished to leave those things behind and carries on. You are an example to follow!


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