Metal wire

In a dream, I was walking really fast as if I was in a hurry to get somewhere, suddenly I saw a man whose feet got entangled in a metal wire and almost fell down but someway managed to escape, he angrily kicked the wire in my direction and the wired trapped my feet, but I did fell down, yes I could be that clumsy sometimes when I am awake too.

I stayed on the floor looking at the wire still wrapped around my feet and instead of getting angry and throwing it away to see another person being a new victim of the avenger wire, I thought it could be very useful if I keep it.  Then I woke up.

Yes not a very interesting dream, I know I need a new dream writer, mine is getting too bored I guess.

One or two days later I was walking fully awake, well, maybe not THAT awake but at least I my physical body was not laying on my bed sleeping. Suddenly I saw a metal wire cable very similar to the one in my dream lying on the street, it seems some workers had used some and threw away the rest, so as nobody claimed the wire I picked it up and put it in my backpack.

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4 thoughts on “Metal wire

  1. Very good story as usual! I have read and studied a great deal concerning dreams and one theory that I happen to agree with deals with symbolic replacement. Taking your story as an example, that piece of wire may have symbolized your desire to help others to a safer place in a small situation or in a life.You also were very humble when receiving thanks for what you had done.So in summation I see a possibility that the entire dream episode focused on you and not the wire you saw in a dream. Jusy maybe!

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