You are being limited

I was listening to the different complains of a group of people about the way governments around the world are limiting our freedom. How castrating and humiliating some laws could be for our well being.

One of the complainers was an acquaintance who lives in a very expensive part of the city and she was complaining about the abuse some immigrants have to face when they reach the borderline and they are treated like criminals and are returned back to their country.  She is the first to hire those people, pay them a miser salary and treat them almost like slaves.

They complain about the measures some countries implement to defend their territory using electric fences and sophisticated electronic surveillance. Not as sophisticated but using the same principles are the electric fences and cameras installed in their homes to protect them.

Do you feel limited by the white lines on the streets to signal the division of the lanes while you drive? Do you feel limited and humiliated by the narrow bicycle lanes in big cities while you are riding your bicycle, compared to the wide lanes cars have access to?

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