This Now

Whatever you are experiencing right now is a unique moment in this local reality. There are too many elements that make this moment totally unique and besides those “invisible elements”, those elements we have no access to and/or we cannot really understand. I am sure you can find a lot of “evident” elements that makes your here and now a unique coordinate in this space-time universe.

I am sure there are plenty elements you can see, why there is no way to repeat this set of situations you are living in this very moment. Maybe you are alone or you are surrounded by family and/or friends, the weather is about to change or has been acting different today, the people around you have different agendas and maybe you would be doing something else right now instead of being here reading this article.

As you can see there are too many different elements why this instant cannot be repeated exactly as it is now, even if you take a “time machine” and return to this exact moment from the future. The one returning from the future would be a “different being”.

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