When we open a book or a movie begins, we take the first lines or scene as the “beginning” of that story.

Even if in the book or movie there might be some references to other stories or events way before the beginning or the actual story, (actually where we were introduced to it) we always take that first scene or line as “the beginning”.

Some stories send us back centuries before that, later on the plot, but our “start point” never changes in our mind. So this is not a new concept for us.

We could take that as an advantage when we want to make changes. There are some times in our life where we would like to begin all over again. We wish we could erase the past and start from square one. But we always carry the load of our past on our shoulders.

Have you noticed that there are many things that we could begin right now anew? Most times we are the only ones aware of our load and we are the only ones who give importance to its weight. That is, we are carrying our shame, pain, burdens around and nobody else notice them or even care about them anymore.

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