Severe judge

I was watching a video of my daughter dancing, in my opinion, (and I must say that I am not the typical father who sees everything his children do as marvellous and perfect), she did a very good job, but for her, she danced terribly, I tried to see the terrible parts in it, to comment with her what should be improved, but it was not as bad as she saw herself.

That reminded me when I was her age I used to see the videos of my tournaments and I was extremely critic of myself. My teachers were happy with my improvements, but to my eyes I was really lousy and clumsy in my movements. Maybe it was the little critic we all have inside?

Perhaps that self criticism is something that push us to enhance ourselves and try things harder and that is a good thing.

But I have noticed that when that same inner critic overdoes his job, he can paralyse us. That search for perfection could lead us to reach a point where we could see perfection too far away to even try to reach it, therefore causing us to stop trying.

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2 thoughts on “Severe judge

  1. This cannot be more true.

    This happens with me often. When I ask my mom, she would say that I am doing great or I am looking fine, however, I would feel that she is saying because she loves me.
    Yes, the point that they love us and don’t want to hurt is totally true. That being said, I believe that, they want us to know that we have to be confident about how are we perceiving ourselves and our failures.

    It was a good read. 🙂


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