Moving on

We all have difficult experiences in our lives, since we need to grow so they are a necessary part of our life. And our attitude towards those experiences will define our advancement.

I am sure you have plenty of stories of your own about successfully passed tests and test you will have to repeat until you pass with flying colours.

But have you notice how there are some mental images that remain with you for a long time? And how those mental images trigger feelings, emotions and reactions right now even if those events happened long time ago?

We decided to let go of those bad or sad feelings a long time ago, but something happens and suddenly you are living in your mind the whole event once more, with the feelings, emotions and reactions you had that time, despite all your efforts to bury that in the deep sands of past.

But what do you do when you buy a very old property with much damaged construction and dangerous spots in it? Well either you get used to live in danger all the time, fearing the roof will fall on you head any minute, or you demolish it and build a new and safer home.

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