Do not kill that feeling

I was in my teen years, so the way I felt and saw things was pretty intense. I was going through a difficult existential crisis and couldn’t control my depression.

I was feeling my world had ended and there was not a feasible solution ahead. Suddenly something happened and I had a strange experience, I was watching myself feeling and thinking negative absurd things. It wasn’t like an out-of-body experience, it was all inside my head, it was as if my brain was divided in two and one side was judging the other.

Observing myself thinking and feeling that way felt “ridiculous” to “the other side”.  So that didn’t made me feel any better at that moment, but it definitely helped me to get over that state of mind much faster.

After a short while I got to see the whole experience as something funny. I healed much faster.

I have been using that “technique” in different occasions with great results, but  today I read about an experiment they made in 2010 at the University of Toronto in Canada about a training method to help people control their response to sadness and published in the journal “Emotion”, showed through brain scans that using a meditation method where they use metacognition awareness, (Metacognition is the ability to think about your own thinking, so you can step back and realise when you are being angry or sad or very happy and to rationally consider your own mental state.

This method doesif you would like to keep reading this article and many others like this one please click HERE

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