Look forward

I couldn’t say that he was in his best mood but, at least he was doing his best not to look too worried.  He had all his life been a fine person, a little “different” from the rest but, a decent man.

He had to sell part of his company and part of his possessions to be able to pay some of his debts. And as usually happens, more tragedies appeared in his life at that time. Deaths, illness, divorce, problems, radical changes and many other unexpected events arrived all at once.

His life was totally different to what he had been used to his whole life.

One day I found him walking in a park and asked him how things were with him and his family.

His eyes were red, probably by too much crying and he look really down, but when he began to talk about his son, he was 14 at the time, his eyes brighten up, his wife had left him after his economic lost and, he wasn’t seeing his children very often, so when he told me he had seen his youngest son for a while the day before, his heart felt overjoyed.

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