Answers II

Finding answers is a daunting task. Many people avoid it as much as possible, because as simple as it may sound, it could be one of the hardest things to do.

It might sound illogical, but you’d be surprised to know that most people, (you and I included) are searching for answers without defining the right question. There are many areas in our life where we are trying to find a sign, an answer, a solution. But if you ask yourself what the question you have to deal with is, most times you won’t have a clear idea.

This could sound insane and foolish but try to find the main questions to some of your actual quests and you’ll see that pinpointing the base of it, is more difficult than you thought.

That is why many thinkers throughout history said that you should admire a man for his questions, more than his answers, or that a Wiseman is recognized more for his questions than for his answers.

So as you can see the first step we should take before starting our quests is defining the objective.

Nevertheless we will keep looking for the answers and solutions and, as a sample of those answers I have found to my very particular questions (some of them well asked, some of them very vaguely set) I present to you the foreword of my book “Quantum Thoughts, Answers II”:


“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers” –Voltaire

We live in a permanent state of questioning everything around us.

From our first contact with this world, our mind automatically begins to question everything at our sight. As we continue growing then our mind begins to question those things out of our sight, once we learn new ideas and concepts we begin to question the basic things in our existence.

We reach a point in our quest for the absolute truth, when we learn that the same question could have several answers, even a different answer for every person, depending on their own experiences, education and general background.

So I have intended in these series, to ask myself different questions to many aspects of my life and by sharing the answers to my own questionings I have learnt that many people share my views and feelings about many subjects.

So I have decided to keep sharing my points of view, my own experiences and my own answers in the hope that the reader feels compelled to find his or her own answers by questioning my own inner dialogues.

Thank you for being here and sharing this journey through life itself. May this be as exciting and rewarding for you, as it has been for me.

Let’s begin the quest for your own answers and Light.

The link for the Kindle version of this book is:

And the paperback version is right here:


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