They say “Everything has a solution but death” and often they reply: “And many times death is the solution”.

I know there are extreme cases like certain illnesses when much suffering is involved, and we cannot see other way out but death itself, when medicine in general cannot offer help any more.

But everyday we look for answers to different questions, from regular everyday situations to deep inner doubts.

But are we looking for answers or solutions? Are they the same? I don’t think so. Many times an answer is not a solution and as we have seen before, most times there are many answers to one question.  And there are cases when you can find different solutions to one problem. Sometimes solutions and answers depend on the individuals.

But what I am trying to say here is that no matter what you are living right now, what problems you are facing now, what challenges you have to overcome now, they won’t last for ever. And they won’t last because nothing stays the same eternally. Good or bad.

And nothing is eternal because life is change, so everything is moving even if we cannot see it. We are made of millions of different types of particles constantly moving, changing, appearing and disappearing. So keep that in mind all the time.

Of course we are not at the mercy of the tides. We can promote and influence change in our life, in our situations and in our health. We need to change our bad habits, our bad thinking and feeling and look for better ways to do things.

You need to go out right now and look for something to wish for, a goal, a dream, a person, etc. you cannot just “park” your mind in the same routine everyday.

Not having a goal is like living your life just waiting for death to take you out of your immobility, lack of movement just creates stagnation. And that is a synonymous of death. And I don’t think you want to be a living death.

Don’t let your spirit get rusty, when you begin noticing these stagnation symptoms, immediately take action, before you fall in love with immobility.

Find a hobby, a dream to motivate you to make changes in your routine, find a reason to get out of bed tomorrow, not just to go out and earn a little money, or just keeping appearances with the outside world.

You have innate unique gifts to share with the world, go out and find them, walk, read, meet, ask, find a way to be open and available for your good to find you.

Find the answers/solutions you need now and make your life worth living and be an example of really living in this universe, not just existing.

I wish you find the reason to stay here and carry on.

And as Sir Winston Churchill said once: “If you are going through hell… keep going”


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