The puzzle

I was listening to a group or people in an event who were talking about how good they were at different expressions of art. Some of them were great painters, others were magnificent musicians, some others were masters in a few more disciplines and that is perfect, you might expect to find all that talent in a gallery. That is normal.

But what was really interesting, at least to me, was the other things they loved and had nothing to do with their main talent.  There was a painter who loved to cook deserts, grow his own vegetables and hiking.  A guitar player who loved bird watching, web design and making his own marmalade.

And all the others had very different passions that had nothing to do with what they called their “main talent”.

Some thought those were eccentricities, others thought they just were too versatile for the world to handle and some others just thought they should concentrate on just one passion and let the other “hobbies” die inside their hearts.

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