A sacred place

A had a friend who, since he was a little child, his parents taught him he needed to go to church to be able to speak to God.

He always attended his church services 3 times a week. He had the firm belief that the only place to talk to God was his church.  I asked him once why he had to rush to his church every time he wanted to pray, if God was everywhere at any time. He just answered that he knew that but, that his parents had planted that seed in his heart and that now he was not able to let it go that easily.

One day he fell from his roof while he was doing some repairing work and broke his leg badly. He had to stay in bed for 8 weeks. His pastor went to visit him in several occasions and due to his condition, he had to change that old belief and began talking to God from his bed.

He told me later that, this experience had been liberating for him since, he realised then that he was able to have a deep communication with God everywhere he was. But it was until he wasn´t able to move, that he had the courage (his words) to change his ideas about it.

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One thought on “A sacred place

  1. I do feel closer to god when I am away from all human development and in the woods where I really feel the purity of God. But I know that God resigns deep inside me at all times.


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