Mistrust (Another self-reminder)

It took me a while to realise that I was living in a state of constant mistrust. I was taught to be careful with the people around me: “don’t talk to strangers” they told me.

I was taught to mistrust outcomes, “don’t expect the best and you won’t be disappointed”.  I was also taught to trust myself only and not to expect anything from other people so “they wouldn’t let me down.”

In fact as I grew up I learnt to mistrust almost everything and everyone. Police, news, politicians, doctors, circumstances, the weather, religions and specially the future.

It wasn’t the teachings from my family and friends only, it was the whole world through the things I read and saw in my life that taught me that mistrust was a very important asset in order to be “safe”.

“Mistrust the present, if you wish to provide for the safety of the future”, “save for a rainy day”, “Think the worst and you’ll be right” and many other old sayings were common reminders of the importance of mistrust in our lives.


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5 thoughts on “Mistrust (Another self-reminder)

  1. I think there is a difference between a certain amount of healthy skepticism regarding trusting people with whom we are unfamiliar and downright cynicism about practically everything. The first is healthy and helps to protect us while the latter is corrosive and blights human relationships. A good post. Thanks. Kevin

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