I won’t fail this time either.

“Yes, I have made a lot of mistakes, I have taken very bad decisions and I am still trying to figure out how to set things right in many aspects of my life, but I don’t think I have failed. I did everything I could in the way I thought it was right, I tried my best to do the things in the only way I knew and yes, I know, I have harmed people I love at times, I have even harmed people I don’t know directly but all I can say is that I didn’t do anything on purpose. I never meant to do anything wrong to anyone in anyway.” I told my friend while we walked in the park.

He looked at me with a serious look in his eyes and asked me: “Then are you saying that you didn’t fail?”

“No, I don’t feel I failed in the strict sense of the word. I never neglected to do something consciously, I never meant to do the things wrong or willingly procrastinated my duties. If things went wrong was because I wasn’t prepared to do the things a certain way, because events were meant to be the way the happened and that have made me stronger, wiser and now more capable to face my future. And that goes as well for the people who in a certain way fell with me, but they are still by my side and still love me because they know I never meant no harm to them. And I am so grateful they still believe in me. They are now stronger, wiser and have mastered so many things in their lives.” I answered while looking at the rain falling all around me, filling the park with that wonderful smell of wet soil.

“So you think you are now ready to face what is coming?” My friend asked me with a concerned tone.

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5 thoughts on “I won’t fail this time either.

  1. Life, experiences and the continued journey into the unknown. I have made mistakes that have ended up lifting others who I thought I hurt. Sometimes it is not about us at all, but someone else learning a lesson in their journey through life.

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