Your new trail

“Yes, things were getting very difficult, I felt overwhelmed and every morning I tried to resist the alarm to get up because I just wanted to continue sleeping to avoid having to deal with all the mess I had created for myself”.  He looked tired but with a new light in his eyes.

He had lost his company, his home, his marriage but luckily not the love of his children.  So he was able to find a motivation to get out of the hole he had dug himself into.

“And what about you?  Were you too dwelling in your comfort zone too long? He asked.

“Well I have heard a lot about the comfort zone, but I must tell you that I was not in any comfort whatsoever, on the contrary, I was feeling trapped and claustrophobic!  But it was the only “zone” I knew.” I answered.

“Then how did you finally get out from there?” His eyes opened widely, I think he was expecting some divine inspired answer or some long hidden secret coming out from my mouth.

“Well, one day I was walking in the woods feeling a strange pressure on my chest, I began to feel anxious about it and decided to go back home to rest a little, then I saw a little trail through the trees going in the direction I wanted to go, as I was not feeling well, I felt concerned about where that little trail lead to, so I didn’t feel like exploring a new route, but something inside me compelled me to take that trail despite my fears. I found out that this little trail was a faster and nicer route back home. I have passed so many times right in front of this spot, yet I have never seen this trail before, although it looked quite old. “

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