I have heard lately many people talking about forgiving others. I have been questioned many times about how I could forgive betrayal and lies so easily.

The truth is, I forgive myself first.  I am conscious that I have allowed those people to hurt me in the first place. I have gave them the power to do so. I have released my power and then, the harm is done.

So I always begin by forgiving myself.

The rest is much easier.

I know that after forgiving and releasing others a new beginning appears, so there is no use to carry the old resentment to this new adventure. But for most people that is difficult to do. If you keep in your mind the bad feelings, forgiveness is not real at all.

I am not saying you must forget about the harm, if you do so you lose the lesson. I am saying you don’t need the resentment, the anger and all the bad baggage that goes with it. That part is the one you need to get rid of.

Looking at the past shows you all the things you have experienced. Looking at you now allows you to see how magnificent you have become thanks to those people and experiences you once tagged as “negative”.

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