Your worth 

She saw me walking on the street and greeted me very effusively. “I wanted to so much to see you! I finally finished your book and I loved it! I am going to read it again!”

“But the problem is that I want to be able to do the things you talk about in the book, but I don’t think is as easy as it sounds” She complained.

I thanked her for reading one of my books and just told her: “I never said it was easy, nothing in that book is really easy. It is a process, everything worth it takes time. I am just sharing in my books my experiences and own ideas, but my main purpose is to encourage my readers to find their own answers and methods. We are all different and have different circumstances going on in our lives, but we are all in the same boat, so we can find common mind-sets and procedures to have a happy journey.” Was my reply.

She remained silent for a few seconds and suddenly began to tell me about all the terrible things she was experiencing with her husband, since he works the whole day and is never home, he gets home late and very tired so she can no longer communicate with him as she wishes, her children are always shouting and take no heed of her complains.

I was about to apologise for leaving so soon because I had an appointment and still have some distance to walk, when a friend passed by on the same side of the pavement we were chatting.

He politely stopped to say hello I made a fast introduction to each other and he left with a big smile on his face.

She stood up there looking at my friend leaving. He is very famous for his success in different business and his happy disposition in life. So she said: “I envy him for having such a wonderful life. I would do anything to be in his shoes instead of mine right now.”

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