I want to live in this moment (Mental note)

I thought that living in this “reality” was simple and easy to do, but the more I talk to other people the more I realise that it is one of the most difficult things to do nowadays.

When I was a child and I was able to play without the help of any electronic device, I was more in “touch” with my reality since I used what I had in hand to build my toys. A piece of wood could be a ship, a bus, a bed, a seat or anything my mind could imagine. Same for an old box, a blanket, etc.

I used any object in my physical world to “create” a wonderful world in my mind. My mind was creating a world of fantasy for me to live in, but at the same time I was more in “touch” with the reality around me. The moment my mother called me to dinner, I was immediately “present” in my local reality.

Now I see children playing in virtual worlds created for them and not by them. I see adults lost in virtual conversations, missing the company of the people around them in the “real world”.

And now I am noticing myself immersed in a different “time and place” that does not correspond to the time my physical body is placed in.

What I mean is that sometimes when the pressure and problems reach a high level, my mind tends to wander off and I “lose” contact with my present “reality”.

My mind keeps trying to find feasible solutions to problems that haven´t yet appeared and suddenly my present world disappears.

I have seen myself more often having to stop in the middle of the street or having to interrupt what I am doing to touch something around me in order to “get back” into the present time. My mind keeps “fixing problems in advance” and sometimes the absurdity of my wanderings bring me back to the present moment, making me wonder if I have finally “lost it”.

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