Inner Wisdom

Those two words “Inner wisdom” have always represented in my mind something like a hidden treasure inaccessible to most human beings. I don’t know why but, to me, it sounded like something almost impossible to have access to.  Only for a few privileged chosen ones.

But every time I had the “privilege” to have access to some information labelled as “inner wisdom” I realised that to me, this was rather “common sense”.

But when exchanging ideas with other people I realised that we all have that “inner wisdom” and all we have to do is to tune into our inner self to have access to it.

I made a compilation of some of my writings and made this new book and name it “Inner Wisdom” hoping this could make you think from different perspectives.

Here is the Foreword of this new book:

What I call “Inner wisdom” is not exactly the knowledge we have acquired through our studies and/or experiences.  It´s some kind of information that just “exists” in our inner self and we all have access to it when we tune our mind into that frequency.

To be able to tune into that frequency, we need to be “aware” of its existence and then once we connect with the Source, we all have access to it. It is like some sort of “Universal Internet” and the best of all is that is totally free, no hidden fees.

But tuning into that frequency is not so easy sometimes, we need to quiet our mind and soul so we can listen to that little voice giving us all the information we need. And the process to reach that level is what some people calls “Enlightenment”.

These collection of articles are part of those moments when I have felt I connected to that Source, it is not my wisdom, but information I have gathered and shared with other people around the world and it is the product as well of the interaction of those people and myself.

I have been gathering these thoughts and ideas through the years and now I am presenting them to you here, so you feel motivated to add your own ideas, concepts and experiences to these set of writings.

May this humble book be a motivator for you to do the same and share with the world what the Universe presents to us through all those daily experiences we call life.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and I am looking forward to reading your own inner wisdom soon.

May you be aware of the Light and Love that are inside of you now.


The Kindle version of this book is HERE

The Paperback edition is HERE


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