The Teacher

In almost every ancient tradition the role of the teacher is always mentioned with respect and reverence. At least when I was a little child we used to respect and give a very special place to our teachers, I cannot say the same is happening now, since the lack of respect for our teachers and elders will take us to bigger problems we cannot yet see clearly but we should do something about it before is too late.

But once you leave the school and begin your journey in this life, new kinds of teachers appear in different times and places just to remind you the things you already knew but keep forgetting to apply in your daily practice, or to teach you about new perspectives and methods that could help you to be a better you. For you and the rest of the planet.

Every time I am searching for an answer I cannot find easily in my heart, due to an excess of fearful and useless over-thinking, unexpected teachers appear in many different shapes and places.

Suddenly while I am trying to find the best way to do something, a person, a book, a comment on the radio or TV, a conversation listened “by accident” on the street, etc.

I am sure you have experiences something similar, so you know what I am talking about here.

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