Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy

Lately while I am walking on the street I like listening to a couple of sentences from other people’s conversations, not for gossiping reasons, but because if you put together every sentence| you catch “by passing” you create very funny “dialogues”, I guess I could write a novel with all the sentences I have gathered lately!

But once the fun was over and I began to remember a little more of the conversations I overheard on my commuting, I was shocked to discover that most of the conversations refer to those things that people kept focusing on, and these were mostly things that make them unhappy.

Most conversations were about their family life and they all felt untrusted, underestimated, ignored, abandoned, etc., other popular subject was their economic situation, no one was happy about the money they are receiving, it seems nobody is able to save any more, everything is very expensive and they hardly manage to reach the end of the month, the most common comment was: “We are living in a day by day basis”.

The same applies for their health, love life, work life etc.

It was like observing the opposite side of Facebook, where everybody wants to pretend they live the perfect life and show off everything they can. Here everybody was just trying to find a friendly shoulder where to rest their heads for a little while and find some empathy, even if it was fake.

I have seen people on public transport who in a matter of a couple minutes are able to condense their life and problems with a power of synthesis that many professional twitters would envy. They talk to total strangers looking for someone who listen to them for a while, and some even ask for advice to people who don’t even understand the real roots of their own problems.

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