I respect your ways

I know you have heard many times that we are all different. No matter how long we have lived in the same community, in the same house and even in the same family. We have a lot in common and yet, we are still different.

You might like to add sugar in your tea, I prefer a little more cream in it instead. You might prefer a bagel with it, I prefer a ring doughnut. You might like to talk about politics, I rather skip that subject.

We can be so different in so many aspects and yet, we can share a nice tea moment, each enjoying, at the same time, our own personal pleasures.

Probably you have a huge family and big events with many people drinking, smoking and talking loud is your idea of a great family party. I come from a small home and quiet evenings are the ones I enjoy the most.

You might love your religion or personal philosophy and I respect that, I have visited all sorts of buildings devoted to the worship: churches, synagogues, temples, mesquites, monasteries, etc. I have been there with respect and awe learning from the different cultures and rituals.

And I respect the way you educate your children, plan your diet and the way you use your free and working hours.

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6 thoughts on “I respect your ways

  1. There is a slang phrase for moments when one chooses to do something that the other doesn’t do. “You do you, bro” I used to hear this all of the time in the inner city and is a simple way of saying “I know that is important to you, but just isn’t my cup of tea, but I respect it”.

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