Just Love them

Everything in this life has two sides, whether we see them or not. But we tend to see, or to focus on just one side.

For instance, temperature: we can visualise it like a scale if you want, the cold on the left side and the hot side on the right to follow the Cartesian style.  – 100° is VERY cold then you keep going to the right:-90°, -50°, -10°, until you get to 0°. Then if you keep travelling the scale towards the right extreme, then you will see the positive numbers 20°, 70°, 100° and so forth, and the further you go the hottest it will be.

We can apply that “scale model” to almost everything in our life.  Love inclusive.

Some people like to place Hate on the left side of the scale and Love on the right side of the same scale, as if they were polar opposites. But new studies have shown that Love and hate are the same feeling (passion) but at different degrees.

Both extremes use exactly the same nervous circuits in the brain. They found that that circuit includes parts of the brain called the putamen and the insula, found in the sub-cortex of the organ. The putamen is already known to be involved in the perception of contempt and disgust and may also be part of the motor system involved in movement and action.

So the truth is that we cannot “kill” love since even hate is part of the same feeling. We just tend to numb it under the appearance of hate. And we can move our place in the scale at will, believe it or not. It is a little complicated but doable.

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