Life lessons

Many people refer to their life experiences as “lessons from the University of Life”. Meaning that life itself is an abundant source of knowledge, experiences and very valuable lessons. Probably the best lessons in life are absolutely free. Or maybe not so “free” because the price we have to pay to receive them and learn from them is having to experience them in our life and that sometimes, is a very high price to pay.

Today I am feeling especially grateful for all my life lessons, I am fortunate to say I have experienced some very difficult ones from the best teachers in the universe: my “problems” and “hard times” have been excellent teachers and I am so grateful for them. Besides I have and still am learning from other people who have been kind enough to share their experiences with me and others who I have been able to observe from the distance as well.

Probably you haven’t experienced hunger, not the kind of sensation you feel when you haven’t eaten for a few hours, but I mean when you have nothing to eat at home and no money to get something for you and your family.

I remember the feeling when you pass in front of a restaurant and the smell of food reaches you making you dizzy and desperate. You need to hold your breath and walk faster in order not to succumb right there.  In some way now I can recognise the “look” in the eyes of people who are going through that same situation, and even if they don’t say anything, that particular “look” in their eyes give them away, and as I have been there I am able to recognise them now giving me an opportunity to offer them some help.

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