I was in a hurry walking as fast as I could, almost running and overtaking every pedestrian walking in front of me on the street.  I usually walk very fast, but this time I was in a hurry and needed to get to an appointment on time, I hate being late, I consider that a lack of respect for other people´s time.

It was the first time I was in that area of that city, so every street was completely new to me.

Suddenly I saw a street in front of me that looked like a good short-cut to take and save sometime. Immediately I felt relieved and saw it as my salvation! But on the other side, something inside my head told me not to take that route.

My nervousness to arrive to my appointment in time, was stronger than any “inner voice” so I turn to the left on that street and accelerated my steps, just to have to abruptly stop a few metres after to avoid colliding with a wall.  It was a cul-de-sac.

Ironically that same little inner voice, right away said: “I told you so”.

I was very surprised to “listen” to that voice actually having that strange “dialogue” with my “conscious” mind. I almost heard a faint “giggling” inside my head.

I was surprised and upset about the “loss of time” and for being the victim of my own “criticism”.

But later that day, when I was more relaxed I “re-winded the tape in my mind” and I wondered if that had been a “one time event” or it happens all the time in my head. Do I “listen” to that little voice or as I had referred other times it is like a “feeling-sensation”? What about you?

Are we so busy with the external everyday noise, that we become “deaf” to that little voice or are we so used to ignore it that we don’t even pay attention to it any more?

I have tried many times to “listen” to that actual voice inside my head but it seems that it only “speaks” when she wants to, not when you ask her to talk to you. Or you have to be in a special “state” of mind, very relaxed and in Alpha Level to be able to “contact” your inner self.

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3 thoughts on “Cul-de-sac

  1. Perfectly true!! My little voice is now telling me to follow your advice n listen to her ….like she’s literally saying “see I told you I exist you fat head” ! Thanks for the eye opener !!

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