There is no time in life to waste

I am not saying you need to get worried about time and hurry to do everything right now before something happens to you. That will stress you more than help you in anyway.

What I mean here is stop thinking that you can leave things for a better time, for another moment, for tomorrow, and so on and so forth.

I have been losing many friends lately. Yes I am guilty for having friends who are older than me. But you know what? Older people have an unbelievable baggage of experiences, accumulated knowledge and life lessons to share with anyone who is willing to listen to them and believe me, they are willing to share their stories with you.

They are open books with thousands of anecdotes, lessons, stories, jokes, profound teachings and a kind heart forged by the fire of time.

So make yourself a favour and find a very old person and be his/her friend, you will never regret it. Nowadays, people ignore them and they are so eager to be heard. They know their time here is short and then need to be heard.

The thing is that I have lost many friends lately and I am guilty to have thought I would have all the time in the world to do many things with them.

Now that they are gone, besides the empty space in my life there is a huge list of things we never got to do together.

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