Encouraging Thunder Award


Thank you to the beautiful masgautsen from wonderful Norway for granting me the Encouraging Thunder Award. I enjoy visiting her blog and I encourage you to go now and take a look, she is a wonderful blogger and her writtings and photos are a pleasure for the soul. Go now and visit her at: The thoughts and life of me.

These are the rules as posted in her blog:

“Thunder creates a powerful addition to the blog as an awesome blog award. Raymond,encouraginglife.co founder, was bestowed upon a thunder medallion by the great nature so he can create a powerful spell Encouraging Thunder to grant powerful protection to other bloggers. It’s a special spell that only bloggers who has true purpose in their life can master it.’

‘As other bloggers are granted the power of thunder, he or she has the permission to post the power of thunder on their blogs as well as sharing the award with other bloggers.’

With the Encourage Thunder award you can

  • Post it on your blog
  • Grant other blogs

The dos and dont’s of the award are:

Do not

  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim that it is your own handmade logo


  • Enjoy the award
  • At least give thanks via comments and likes and or mentioning the blogger who gives the award.

I would like to nominate these bloggers who are wonderful sources of inspiration through their writtings: Thank you all and do not feel pressured to answer this. This is just a way for me to let you know I enjoy your blog so much!.

Kritika Vashist

Carol A. Hand 

D. Wallace Peach

Persia Karema


Thank you  all for your inspiration and to all my other fellow bloggers who I do not include here now, for space reasons, but my gratitude goes to all of you always.

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