When I was in my teenage years I remember I thought that when I´d turn 30 I would be officially an adult.  My uncle was 55 years old at that time and he told me he felt awesome, in good health and as active as ever.

Of course I thought he was only trying to make others think that he was not too old. I believed he was really old at that age and I told him so.

He just laughed and told me that age was not really in the body but in your mind. I laughed even harder and thought he was just trying to convince his mind that he was still young and strong. Nevertheless I was very impressed to see how hard he trained at the gym that day.

Few years later we were doing a series of radio programs with one of the founders of the television industry and after the interview he invited us to swim in his pool. It was a very long and deep one by the way.

When I saw how he swam as a fish at his 78 years of age, I felt I could do the same, so I decided to put my swimming suit on and give it a try.

The first round was no problem whatsoever, but after the second I began to feel tired, my arms began to hurt and I was worried because I was reaching the middle to the pool. As I said before it was very deep so, I was getting nervous about being able to reach the other side on time, but I was still too far from the closest edge, I had nothing at hand to grab for support so I knew I was in trouble.

I stopped swimming and began to float to rest a little but the pain in my arms was too hard. My friend saw I was in trouble and jumped into the pool to go and help me.  He swiftly swam to the middle of the pool where I was floating like a log, grabbed my arm and pulled me back to safety without even stopping once.

Despite the 43 years of difference at that time, he was in better shape than I was. I was in shock to see how fast and effortlessly he was able to drag me out of the water.

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11 thoughts on “Old?

  1. James, I am sure you are even more active than him. Your blog is a real treasure of information about exercise and better living for people of all ages. I have learnt a lot there, Thank you always for sharing your knowledge!

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  2. I am living your uncle’s life. I am nearly 56 and have exercised for the last 38 years. I was fortunate to watch and hear people talk about the necessity and benefits of exercise. As I matured, I recognized the importance of incorporating exercise into a well BALANCED life. Food, Water, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Reduction, Family, Friends and Spiritual. I write all this for others to read what I’ve learned over time. Experience can be a wonderful blessing.
    Wishing you continued good health and happiness.

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  3. My dream is to be fit and strong at every age and stage of my life. I just turned 40 and I decided on my birthday that I would stay in shape, eat healthily and live life to the fullest as long as God gives me life. I admire people who commit to a healthy lifestyle no matter what their age. I am inspired by your post. Thanks for sharing this!


  4. D. Wallace Peach, it is when you see that light in their eyes that you realise the true power of life. Indeed we are all 18 years old with some extra years of experience!

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  5. Thank YOU for reading and I hope you enjoy your health and fitness journey! It gets hard sometimes but it is definitely worthy!

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