Back from the past

That street looked not as wide as usual, not as long as the picture in my mind. I grew up in that street but now it looked smaller somehow. Did the houses in that street shrink maybe under the pressure of time and space?

I haven´t been there maybe in 30 years or so. The trees were of course taller than when I lived there but some way they didn’t look that taller than in my memories.

But the houses were now shorter, the whole street not as wide and the people were all different.

Thousands of memories crossed my mind in a matter of minutes and a loving sad-sweet feeling was in my heart while I remembered happy times long gone. My grandmother taking me to school by the hand, making sure I took my lunch and a nice coat to keep me warm, the smell of biscuits with little butter smeared on them with a pinch of sugar upon them to give them a very particular flavour. The sounds of my neighbours playing and singing Christmas carols on that street. I was feeling so happy living those times once more in my mind.

I kept walking a little longer when suddenly my reflection on a window brought me back to this present time. (Yes it was a little like that scene in the film “Somewhere in time”) But who was that man looking at me from that window?

I couldn’t recognise myself in that reflection. Was I the same person? Was the child who lived there a different being? I was the same person and yet, not the same.

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