Wrong Mode?

“The TV is not working again”

“What is wrong with it? I asked my mother.

“There is no image, I tune channel 3 and still no image!” she replied annoyed.

“Mmmh mum, this new set no longer needs to work on channel 3, now they have a special mode for different inputs”, I said with a calmed voice.

“Why do they have to do everything so complicated? So now what am I supposed to do to watch TV?” Her voice was getting louder…. So I proceeded with caution. This was dangerous territory.

“Well, all you have to do now is press the button labelled “MODE”. Then keep pressing it until you see the TV signal on the screen”. She began pressing the “Mode” button until the image appeared on the screen. She continued watching her programs without saying anything else.

I guess we all have that problem with the new TV sets and with our own mind sometimes.

We are in “Normal mode” all the time, but that mode depends on the channel we are receiving our “input” from. If we have our mind “configured” to tune into the “Lack of money” channel or the “Unhealthy” channel that is what we will be receiving in our life. If that is our “Normal” channel we shouldn’t be surprised by the results we are experiencing now.

I have been tweaking with my own “configuration” and I have seen that for a long time I was tuned in the “Stressful Channel” so I have decided to reset my mind to “safe mode” (You know like in Windows when you reset your computer and it starts your Operating System with a limited set of files and drivers) so I could change some old ideas that were bugging my mind and then program my configuration so my Normal mode would be receiving its signal from the “Relaxing Channel”.

Lately I have been talking with many people who are not finding joy, health, love, and miracles in their lives, because they have chosen the wrong “input” port to feed their soul.

The media are now overexposing the tragedies of the world, because as some of my friends who are in the “programming” section of the main news agencies told me that their “sponsors” ask them to have “impacting” news so people stay “glued” to their TV sets and, if they don’t have “shocking news” then they have to create them.

So how can I reach my “inner peace” when I allow them (not only my friends but all the news agencies in the world) to have control of my emotions?

I am not saying that you have to completely “disconnect” from the world, but you can have “time for being with yourself” and if a computer works better when you turn it off so it can “clean” its RAM (Random Access Memory) and when you turn it on again, it will have a clean working memory and therefore a better performance.

I am sure you will too. Disconnect for a while and place yourself in the “Miracle mode” so when you return to your daily life, your performance will be influenced and tuned into those Miracles you want to see in your life.

So keep pressing your inner “Mode button” until you find the signal from the input you really need to experience now.


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