The cake

With all the different problems we have to deal with every day, stress is getting more and more a discussion subject everywhere you go.

There are too many people trying to find a way to deal more with stress and we are turning our eyes once more to the old schools.

A method I learnt by accident in a travel, but has proved very effective for me is what I call the “cake method”.

While walking by a river in the north part of India I saw a group of monks carrying what appeared to be a huge “cake”. I was curious to see where the “party” would be and my surprise was huge when I saw them throwing the cake in the river.

Amazed by that action I asked a Chela (a little monk) why they were doing something like that.  With the usual problems when not speaking the local language. I was able to understand that they “build that cake” (Torma) while praying and “leaving” their problems, worries and concerns in it.  They mentally leave all bad things inside to Torma and then after a ceremony, they throw the Torma into a river so this takes the Torma, and therefore their sufferings away.

I thought I was a nice way to get rid of those things that bother us, so I adopted that practice and every time I felt overwhelmed by problems and stress, I made my little Torma out of whatever I could find: paper, cardboard, snow, mud, etc.  I mentally transmitted all my concerns, fears, doubts and all the negative energy that kept me from advancing and then threw that Torma away.

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4 thoughts on “The cake

  1. Thank you for this post. I didn’t know about the cake ritual. That said, I’ve also written down my “Torma” and burned it, I’ve shredded it and flushed it, and planted it in the garden to transform it into flowers. When driving home from work, I used to mentally leave it on a specific fence post, and then when driving in to work the next morning, I would decide if I needed to pick any of it back up. All of these examples simply demonstrate that for the most part, stress is negotiable. Rarely is the actuality of any situation improved by adding a big dose of stress on top.

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  2. Indeed! Wow you really know how to get rid of a Torna very efficiently. Thank you for reading and commenting!!

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