The punishment (Short story)

The day began as usual in that little community, everybody were beginning their daily chores and there was an atmosphere of calmness and boredom among the inhabitants.

Only one of the elders felt a little nervous, he didn’t know why, but something was wrong. Nobody paid any attention to his comments, after all, he was just too old.

Suddenly the earth began to vibrate, all around this little village was shaking and after a few seconds everything turned black, like a sudden total Sun eclipse, but this was faster and totally unexpected.

That darkness lasted just a few seconds and then the Sun shone once more, but the chaos was everywhere. Destruction and panic was seen all around the community.

Some were running in circles, others just screamed in horror and some others were trying to find their family and friends amidst this chaos.

Little Nuve began to say it was all his fault because he hadn’t said his morning prayers, his aunt was crying and said everything was a punishment from the gods because there was too much evil spread in the world, other thought this was the confirmation that the end of the world was soon coming.  And everybody was trying to understand why something like this had happened to such a peaceful village.

“I don’t know why God is punishing my grandmother in such a cruel way, she has always been a wonderful lady and she doesn´t deserve to lose her house this way” said Teally sobbing.

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