The good fear

An urgent message might come in different shapes and forms. Probably sometimes they need to arrive under the disguise of a “strong” emotion in order to force us to give it the required attention and response.

So we can call that a “good fear”. Not because I am saying that fear is good. It is like Karma, it isn’t good or bad, it just is.

But as I have mentioned before, fear has its purpose and reason to exist. So although we are in a quest to “vanish” fear in our modern society. We need to change our goal here. We CANNOT vanish fear from our hearts, it comes with our inner programming and it helps us to keep us safe from danger.

What we shouldn’t do is to allow fear to paralyse us and keep us from advancing in our life.

Fear as well as sadness, doubt etc., are part of our “tools” as human beings and they all have their “mission” in our survival. And we are not supposed to avoid them, “What you resist persists” remember?

Our real job is keeping the balance and heed their message, not allow them to take full control of our life.

I began waking up in the middle of the night with a feel of fear, first I wasn’t able to identify the reason of that fear, but as soon as I began to control the anxiety I was able to pinpoint the origin.

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5 thoughts on “The good fear

  1. Wise post. It’s amazing how our consciousness sometimes needs to catch up with the messages sent by our bodies and emotions. Over the years I’ve acquired a little alarm bell with a blinking red light in the middle of my forehead. When it goes off, I know it’s time to stop whatever it is I’m doing and thinking. It’s time to slow down, listen, and reflect. Usually what’s throwing me off balance is easily dealt with or set aside once it comes to light.

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  2. Thank you D! we all need one of those lights on our forehead! you should patent it! The sooner we learn to listen to that alarm, the faster we will solve our problems! Thanks for reading!

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