My truth

Reading an article about religions in the world nowadays, I arrived to the conclusion that we are reaching the point where we will have our own personal philosophy and in the end we will leave rituals and rules behind.

Sorry to talk about this, if you know me, you know I don´t like to talk about religion, sports, politics, etc. But this time I just want to rant a little about the problem of intolerance.

We can see in the media all the problems that the lack of respect for the beliefs of others are causing.

Many people change the concepts of religions to satisfy their own needs and to “create” their own truth so they can justify the injustices against others who think differently.

I am not talking about a specific religion, I have seen that in all of them, and not only religion, the same applies to laws in general, mentalities, racism, politics, sports and education, yes, all those subjects I so eagerly avoid.

Your truth is as valid as mine, as long as we both respect each other.

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