He showed me his brand new mobile phone, it was nice, more RAM memory (working memory), faster processor, and the battery seems to last longer, so less time to keep worrying about finding a place to charge his phone during the day.

I loved the colour and the screen looked much brighter and with a better definition.

I handed back the mobile to him with a smile and he just looked at me for a while in silence.  Then he asked me if I was not going to say anything about it.

So I told him once more that I liked the mobile very much and that I was happy for him and to enjoy his new acquisition.  And really I felt very happy for him, he was pleased and you can easily tell it. His eyes had that excited sparkle inside.

I swear I felt very happy for him and liked the device but I just didn’t feel the NEED to have one myself. I am an electronics freak and already have two mobiles (not as new as his) with me all the time, one for business calls and the other for personal calls. But I am very happy with my own devices now. I have no need to get a new one in this moment.

He looked a little disappointed and after a couple minutes he told me that I don’t really cared for his successes.

“But why do you say something like that Fred? I do care and I am really happy for you, I just told you so” Was my answer.

“Last summer I got a better computer than yours, I was promoted in my job, I have got a new mobile and my life is much better than yours, so how come all you can say is you are happy for me and leave it like that?” He sounded very upset.

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6 thoughts on “Envy

  1. Well after reading your post which is very apt I will say …I do really hope that more and more people change their way of thinking and one day that that man talks to you agin because he has realised what you meant. I like success as much as anybody but envy is not a nice feeling. Not for me I like to just be happy which in turn makes the people around you happy …Oh Dear I am rambling again…..have a lovely day and be happy 🙂

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  2. Thank you! I am happy now. And well I know he will realise soon that there is no need to cause envy on others in order to enjoy your achievements.
    Thanks for reading!

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