Square one

Most people of a certain age I know like to see their life backwards. That is, they like to see all the things they have accomplished during their lives. How things were tough once and they were able to overcome the obstacles and fight to get what they wanted.  But 95% of them when I ask them if they would go through all of that from square one, they answer: NO!

So most of them have lived a life full of difficulties and have learnt to overcome them and they are now in a privileged place because they passed their tests. Nevertheless they don’t like the idea of starting all over again.

They feel they have reached the goal and now they can just rest and live looking at the past for the rest of their lives.

When I was working on a radio station the main anchor always reminded me that you start from square one EVERY  DAY. What you did yesterday is over and forgotten, the listeners won’t care if you had a wonderful program the day before, they are listening to you with “new ears” today. So you have to do your best today as if it was your first and last time on the air!

He was right, that is why his radio and TV programs were always the best! And he followed his advice in his personal life as well.

We cannot fall in the illusion that we have done it! That we can rest now and contemplate our past believing that we won´t do even more impressive things, we cannot convince ourselves that there is no higher mountains for us to climb, we need to reach higher every day, and look back from time to time with love and gratitude, but after a little rest, keep going higher and higher.

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5 thoughts on “Square one

  1. I needed this switch in attitude today as I head out to take care of a sick 2-yr-old. A new day of tenderness, caring and compassion (though I expect I’ll drop into bed early tonight). 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. Such important insights, Hector. When we think we have learned everything and done everything, we stop living and learning. I remember the professors I had in college who developed a new program or discovered something new early in their careers and then spent the next 30 years defending it from any critiques, even though all things really can be improved. They were the people who were the least likely to inspire others to be creative and engage enthusiastically with the world and learning.

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  3. Indeed Carol, you are right. We need to embrace change and improve ourselves everyday! Thanks for reading!

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