On Time

I was shocked to see how far into the year we are now. Where have all those days, weeks and hours gone? Life is happening too fast.

Maybe time is accelerating as some people are saying, maybe my daily routine is getting too….mmh…. routinely?

It was a Saturday two weeks ago, when I attended a very interesting conference at a University, I was still trying to let the concepts learnt there sink into my head, when suddenly I saw the calendar and it was Saturday once more! So soon? Where did all the rest of the week go?

Then I decided to make time go slower, yes, if time is a perception of the mind as some theories affirm, then I had to try and make it flow slowly.

I stopped rushing every day and took more time to observe things around me, to enjoy every moment of the day and make an effort to notice those little details that pass unnoticed all the time.

And yes, believe it or not, I discovered that taking things in a more calmed way, stopping the pressure to do a hundred things per day to meet all my deadlines on time has made a lot of difference.

Even my body is reacting in a more positive way, I was beginning to feel too stressed over all the tasks I had accepted and my inner self was shouting that I was going to end up with a heart attack or something worse.

This week definitely “passed” more slowly to me and I am surprised for all the things I was able to accomplish by slowing down my daily pace. It sounds paradoxical, I know, but by doing things in a more relaxed way, my productivity raised.

I invite you to test this for yourself.

You won´t realise how many things you are missing in your daily life, until you take the time to allow yourself to notice them.

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6 thoughts on “On Time

  1. Indeed Billy it is amazing to realise how harsh we are to ourselves and how much we get to enjoy once we decide to work for us and not against us!


  2. I look forward to your posts, Hector. I love experimenting with time. It does seem counter-intuitive that slowing down activity slows down time. I’ve had similar experiences with other aspects of life where applying tons of energy in a direction results in poorer outcomes than simply letting go and trusting the efforts that flow naturally.

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  3. Thank you so much D.! I am so grateful for your words! And yes, we need to change our perspective on many things, because our programming has been modified a lot and we need to go back to our roots. Thank you for reading!

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  4. I love the study of time. It’s a rabbit hole I can dive into and not come up for air for a mighty long time. The fact that science is still grappling with the concepts of time makes it even more fascinating to me as I’m sure there will come a day when we discover more pieces to this intricate puzzle.
    The advice of slowing down is one that resonates with me to the core. It doesn’t always make it into practice, but in theory I believe in it and strive for it 100%.
    Cheers, Hector!

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  5. Indeed, time and space are a mystery. A mystery we will uncover inside us. Thanks for reading!! Cheers!


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