When you set your expectations on someone or something, you are at risk to be disappointed.  It is a part of life and it hurts very much, but believe me, it hurts even more when you are the one who is disappointing a loved one.

I know I have done that many times, not willingly of course, but I have disappointed people who had believed in me and, on the other side, I have been disappointed too.

I guess we all have been there. In both cases.

One of the most difficult lessons to learn is knowing that what happens to us has a reason to exist. If we put our trust, or expectations on someone and that person does not fulfils them, we need to stop and think that maybe we are being taught an important lesson here.

That doesn’t mean that person is evil or wants to harm us in purpose. (Although this could happen of course) but most times, before judging the other person, let’s try to find the message we are being sent in this situation. Let’s try to be grateful for the teaching and do our best to continue unharmed and wiser.

If you are reading this and I have disappointed you in any way, please know that I never meant to do it, and I’ll do my best to be a better person from now on. To those of you who disappointed me in the past, thank you for being the instrument for this teaching. I don’t blame you for anything and I forgive myself for not being able to understand the true meaning of that experience at first.

I hope all these experiences that were labelled in the past as negative, could be viewed as great lessons and have serve their true purpose in your life.

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22 thoughts on “Disappointing

  1. It takes so many years to learn that people are simply people. I try not to make obligations anymore as there are too many reasons to not keep them. I simply say that I will try to make it if I can. There are times that when I will make an obligation when I know it is of extreme importance, but each one of us label the extreme differently depended upon our circumstances. And life goes on.

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  2. Thoughtful post, Hector. Stepping back and becoming a witness to our own expectations and choices is a powerful tool. It often prevents further hurt and misunderstanding as it opens the door to forgiveness.

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  3. That is right, it all depends on the label we put on obligations. Thanks Billy!!


  4. Thank you very much. I am enjoying summer in Norway. Just a few months so
    I´ve gotta soak it up;) Hope you are doing awesome too<3 Hugs, Isabella

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  5. Thank you very much. Smørbrød, tusen takk;-) (Thousand thanks as we say) Do you know Norwegian? Have a wonderful day<3

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  6. Hi:-) I am sorry for the late reply. Family vacation;-) OK, I live on the West Coast, but I have been in Oslo. Have a blessed weekend:-)<3 Hugs, Isabella


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