Modifying your past (Warning: Crazy thoughts ahead enter at your own risk)

With Quantum mechanics our common logic does not work, it doesn’t matter how much we try to make sense of it, it is amazing but it´s real.

More and more universities around the world are working on different theories and experiments to try to understand the bases of quantum world. And the conclusions, or at least the results of those experiments are totally mind blowing. That is why Niels Bohr said that if you read an hour about Quantum Physics and your head doesn’t hurt, you didn’t understand anything.

But don’t worry I won’t get into technical stuff here, I was just reading a scientific paper from the Australian National University (ANU) about their conclusions on a series of experiments based on what John Wheeler exposed in 1978 with his delayed-choice thought experiment. Ok, ok I said I was not going to get too technical today. So in a few words I´ll tell you what this is all about. I know you are dying to dive into the math aspects of this so please search on the internet for this experiment and you´ll find all you crave to know about it now.

But for those of you who have no time to learn the mathematical models and concepts of this experiment. I´ll just tell you that in different universities around the globe (especially in Australia and France) have found that time can be altered.

For instance, scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus and showed that their actions could retroactively change something which had already happened. Yes your actions now can change the past.

I know this sounds really out of this world, and probably it is but just for a minute imagine you master this and you can apply it in your life right now.

What would you do now to change something in your past?

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13 thoughts on “Modifying your past (Warning: Crazy thoughts ahead enter at your own risk)

  1. Somehow I have always knew this and could never grasp the theory behind it. I don’t know if I could change the model of the first car I drove, but I could change those feelings I had about that car. There were probably things about it that I hated, but when I look back now it was the greatest car in the world. This may fall in line with physical quantum physics, but in another sense I did change something about my past. Wow, this is confusing… 😦

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  2. Very complicated indeed, and yes, you did change something about your past now. Maybe that is why they say that if you keep repeating something it becomes a truth? Well we´ll see.

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  3. At least you changed your view of that car and that made an important change in the fabric of your thoughts and therefore in the fabric of time. Thanks for reading Billy!

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  4. I love these mind-bending discoveries. It’s fun when science starts catching up with reality. Ha Ha! For my unscientific brain, it comes down to a belief that thoughts and feelings have tangible energy, they are physically manifested. I think that we don’t just ripple forward, but ripple spherically into the past, up, down and sideways. For me, it comes down to the quality of the energy I chose to put emanate, because even as I send my ripples out there, they come back.
    Thanks for the really fun post. 😀

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  5. Thanks D.! Yes sometimes science do catch up with reality! It all depends on the scientist and what is she/he trying to find. But yes, I think your view on this time “ripple” is very accurate. Remember it is all relative to the observer! Thanks for reading!

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  6. Maybe the wine would help to relax the mind and those concepts could be easier to accept and understand, once you are not looking for the answer directly.

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